University-Industry Knowledge Exchange – ESRC funded research report

This research report from 2009, is available from the ESRC website, and is well worth a look at in the light of current government policy to encourage knowledge exchange between business and academia. Amongst their findings, the researchers discovered that businesses (particularly smaller businesses) do not always know how best to take advantage of  links with university researchers or do not have the staff time to develop relations. In addition, they found that:

The survey of businesses shows that the motivations to interact are not restricted to technology development but also include service development, human resource management, training and marketing. This is important as much of the analysis and policy has focussed on the role that universities and academics play in the technological science and engineering aspects of the innovation system. But many of the motivations of business to interact with academics are not primarily concerned with innovation that aspect but with other aspects of management and business performance more generally. (Kitson et al, 2009)

Kitson, Michael et al (2009). University-Industry Knowledge Exchange: Demand Pull, Supply Push and the Public Space Role of Higher Education Institution: Full Research Report ESRC End of Award Report, RES-171-25-0018. Swindon: ESRC





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