SHERPA FACT launched – The Funders and Authors Compliance Tool


The SHERPA/FACT beta Open Access funders and authors compliance tool launches in April 2013 and will undergo continuous information improvements over the coming weeks.

This Open Access tool offers a quick and easy way to check that the status of any journal in which you may want to publish complies with your funder requirements:

  • enter the journal name or ISSN of the journal you wish to use to cross-reference the information held in RoMEO and in JULIET on both Funders’ and Publishers’ policies
  • it gives clear information as to whether that journal offers publication or archiving rights compliant with the funders’ policy
  • it notes the level of OA fee payable, if any, and if available from the publisher site
  • offers guidance to the author as to what action to take next to comply with their funders’ policy, customising guidance according to the stage of the author’s publication – accepted, published, etc

For more information and to use SHERPA/FACT beta, please visit


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