New partnership between Web of Science & Google Scholar

Thomson Reuters’ Web of Knowledge and Google Scholar have announced a new partnership between their services  following a pilot study at  more than 125 leading university research institutions worldwide. “When Google Scholar users at the participating institutions hit the Scholar search results page, they see a new Web of Science link directly in the results, under the article preview, as part of Scholar’s familiar navigation bar. On Web of Science, subscribers now can move directly from a Web of Science record to a Scholar search on the same item. Thomson Reuters’ reports it saw a 2-3 times spike in its traffic at the pilot sites, perhaps not surprising given Scholar’s role as the starting point for many researchers.”

Thomson Reuters say they hope to extend this linkage to all their academic customers by January 2014. The relationship is said to be non-exlcusive, so it remains to be seen whether other services (such as Elsevier’s Scopus and NIH’s PubMed Central) will offer similar linkages.

Source: Thomson Reuters-Google Scholar Linkage Offers Big Win for STM Users and Publishers

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