SUNCAT, the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK, has a new interface designed to make it the more useful for researchers.   This is freely available at

The number of libraries and serials covered by SUNCAT increases each year.  SUNCAT  now includes information about journals, newspapers, annual reports, newsletters and other publications of a continuing nature in 92 of the most significant research libraries in the UK and from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).    It is the most comprehensive source of information about the existence and location of serials in the UK.  

The new interface offers researchers improved pre-search limits to specific libraries or geographic locations.  It is possible to select multiple institutions and locations.  Additional post-search filtering options are provided .   SUNCAT developers plan to introduce further improvements next year, including improved format filtering in January and the facility to limit a search to print materials only.   Academic staff visiting another university library are usually able to consult the serials it has in print format.

SUNCAT enables researchers to see which libraries hold a particular journal . You can see what volumes a library holds and find out whether the library has them in print form or online or both.   SUNCAT now also gives information about the libraries, including Google directions and contact details.   

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