Online resources available from National Library of Wales

The collections of the National Library of Wales, which has had a right since 1911 to receive a copy of almost every printed work published in the UK, have long been of great value for research.   Even without visiting the National Library in Aberystwyth, though, it is now possible to benefit from many online resources made available to members of the National Library.   You can register to get immediate access to these resources by going to

The National Library offers some online resources which we do not subscribe to at Swansea, including these:  

Oxford Art Online (including Grove Art Online) and Oxford Music Online (including Grove Music Online).   These are superb tools for researchers and can give pleasure to many others with an interest in art or music.

Credo Reference and Oxford Reference Online  These contain hundreds of authoritative reference works.  

Proquest Historical Newspapers (the Guardian and Observer Archives)

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: British Politics and Society

In Principio Online (a research tool to help identify Latin texts from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance)

Who’s Who 2014 and Who Was Who   

The titles are listed at    

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