Online Newspaper Archives

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Online newspaper archives are of value for research in many disciplines.   We have recently purchased access to the Daily Mirror Archive which contains the whole of that newspaper from its beginning in 1903 to the present (including articles, advertisements and photographs).     It can be rewarding to compare coverage in the Daily Mirror with that in other newspapers, such as The Times.   We continue to subscribe to The Times Digital Archive which gives the whole of that newspaper from its beginning in 1785 to 1985.     Our subscription to Nexis UK provides access to the text of articles in thousands of newspapers and other news sources from many different countries over the last thirty or so years.

There are links to our newspaper archives in iFind Research and iFind Discover. The Newspapers and News link in iFind Research provides access to those we subscribe to as well as to some important freely available websites, such as the growing Welsh Newspapers Online website which now contains 6.8 million articles from Welsh newspapers published before 1919.   27 further publications were added to Welsh Newspapers Online in February.

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