Are you ready for Open Access?

A public dataset on Figshare provides a record of publications that have been funded from the RCUK Gold Open Access block grant received by Swansea University for the period 1 April 2013 to 31 July 2014. If you are one of the Swansea authors who received funding for the fifty seven gold open access articles that were published in 2013-14, then you can stop reading now.

If you have never heard of the RCUK block grant which pays open access article processing charges for those choosing the gold publication route, please take a look at our research support pages for more information. Swansea University is in receipt of a grant from RCUK for the period 2014-15 to support open access.

Swansea University will be implementing an open access deposit mandate in 2015 in order to encourage free and open access to publicly funded research. Whilst we strongly encourage self-archiving in Cronfa, (the Swansea University institutional repository) using the green route, you may choose the gold route if you prefer and funding is available. You are free to publish in the journal of your choice.

The recently published HEFCE mandate outlines the forthcoming open access requirements for the post-2014 Research Excellence Framework. It is applicable to:

  • All journal articles
  • All conference proceedings with an ISSN

The key elements of the policy will require you to:

  • Deposit a final draft of your article in an institutional or subject repository immediately upon acceptance for publication and no later than three months after this date. The Swansea University mandate will require you to deposit the final peer reviewed version
  • A bibliographic record must be made available in Cronfa, the institutional repository. Outputs should be made discoverable as soon as there is sufficient information for the output to be found via an internet search (e.g. journal name, title of paper, authors etc, and even DOI, ORCID if available).
  • Subject to the permitted embargo period, full text must be accessible as soon as possible
  • Outputs accepted for publication after 1st April 2016 are required to be open access to be eligible for REF

See SHERPA Fact – the Funders & Authors Compliance Tool

Open Access Week (20-26 October 2014)


ISS are keen to create a supportive environment to develop a positive open access culture. Please come along to the Open Access Lunch & Learn Session on 21st October 2014, in the APECS, Skills Training and Development Unit to learn more.  Book here:

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