Do you use the Research Information System (RIS)? Help us improve it!

Swansea University’s Research Information System (RIS) drove our submission for REF2014 and is already being used for mini-REF exercises for the post-2014 REF. RIS also provides:

  1. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data for academic Professional Development Reviews (PDRs)
  2. The list of publications on staff profile web pages
  3. Publication details and full text downloads for Swansea University’s repository Cronfa.
  4. Statistics on research and publication activity for University and College management

Information Services and Systems would like to engage with RIS users to play a part in its continued development, with a particular focus on helping researchers comply with the new open access requirements for the post-2014 REF.  We need your help to make the system useful, time-saving and as user-friendly as possible. You are invited to attend one of our forums in April to share your ideas and feedback on the system and set priorities for improvements:

  • Wed 22nd April, 3-4pm (Researchers)
  • Thur 23rd April 1-2pm (Researchers)
  • Fri 24th April 2-3pm (Administrators)
  • Mon 27th April 12-1pm (Administrators)


More about RIS

We are happy to provide any support or training on RIS – contact us on

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