ORCID import to RIS now available

Swansea University’s internal Research Information System (RIS) now has a one-way import from ORCID. Anyone wanting an easier way to update their publications in RIS can transfer them in bulk from their ORCID (or just update with additional outputs). The import button is on the Outputs tab:

Screenshot from the RIS outputs tab showing the Import button for ORCID

This functionality is available once you have entered your ORCID in the ABW (HR) system. There may be a short delay before it appears in RIS.

Not got an ORCID? You should! ORCID has become the indispensable researcher identifier used by funders, publishers and more. You can sign up on the ORCID website and we have a guide on how to populate your id (PDF).

Please let us know (iss-research@swansea.ac.uk) if you have any problems or feedback for the ORCID import.

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