Green Open Access at Swansea University: upload your publications to RIS/Cronfa

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Green open access is a cost-free way to make your research publications accessible and free for anyone to read. It liberates research to anyone with an internet connection and can therefore act as a citation booster (particularly when combined with active promotion). It is also required by HEFCE for the next REF (as well as many other research funders) and we have a University Open Access policy to ensure all researchers are compliant.

Swansea University researchers are now required to upload their journal articles (and more, where possible) to make them open access via our repository Cronfa. Of course, this must be done within the bounds of copyright permissions and the following step-by-step guide will show how to check:

  1. Act upon acceptance for publication. The REF policy requires action within 3 months of acceptance NOT publication.
  2. Check the copyright policy of the journal using the Sherpa Romeo database (which uses the term “post-print” to describe the “author accepted version” required by the REF policy).
  3. If your journal is not listed (or the publication is not a journal) you will need to check the publisher’s website or contact the publisher to check your rights for self-archiving. It is useful to emphasize that you are referring to the author’s accepted version (not the published version) and to ask about any embargo period. If you have retained the copyright you will be able to upload your version (but probably not the published, formatted version).
  4. Upload the accepted version of your article to RIS as follows:
    1. Access RIS via Home or (login with your usual staff login)
    2. Create a new Output and enter the publication details. Ensure that the “Publish to Cronfa” flag is ticked. Save the output. There may be some details not known at this point (e.g. pagination).
    3. Move to the “Documents” tab in RIS and locate the output you have just entered. “Upload file” to upload a PDF version. When you click “Agree & Upload” the file will be uploaded into RIS but will not be visible publicly.
    4. To complete the publication process, still on the “Documents” tab, click “Publish to Cronfa” next to the filename. At this point you can enter any embargo period required. The file will only appear publicly via Cronfa once this date is passed – this will happen automatically and a cover sheet will also be added to the PDF. Files without embargo will appear in Cronfa the following day.

We can help with any problems or questions ( We have a PDF that covers this process or there’s the full Guide to using RIS (PDF).

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