RESEARCH NEWS from Swansea University Library

Do you publish with Springer?

Springer have negotiated a new deal with JISC for the UK whereby subscription to journals and article processing charges are paid for as one cost. Swansea has signed up to this deal so if you are publishing in a journal with the Open Choice option you do not need to worry about paying publishing costs. This applies whoever you are funded by. The list of eligible journals is available on their website.

When your article is published you will receive a link to a MyPublication form from Springer setting out your copyright options. This will give you the choice to publish open access or transfer your copyright to Springer. It is best to use your university email address if you are the corresponding author as that helps Springer to confirm that you are eligible. They will also check your eligibility with us.

This is a helpful deal which means that we avoid “double dipping” – paying both to subscribe to a journal and also to publish in it. Let’s hope it starts a trend!