Have you got your ORCID yet? Swansea University researchers encouraged to sign up!

We have been promoting the ORCID researcher identifier for some time now. Since its launch in 2012 the supporters of ORCID have grown in number and include such high profile organizations as Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, Nature, Thomson Reuters and the Wellcome Trust (where it is now compulsory for their grant applications).

This year RCUK have announced it “will immediately explore options to incorporate the use of ORCID in its systems“, JISC have launched an ORCID national consortium agreement for UK institutions and HEFCE have been advised in a report they commissioned that “ORCID should be mandatory for all researchers in the next REF“.

Examples of ORCID profiles from Swansea University researchers can be found here, here and here but it’s ORCID’s interoperability that makes it so useful – it works well with Researcher ID and SCOPUS as well as Researchfish, for example.

Swansea University & ORCID

Swansea University took part in a JISC project for ORCID integration last year and so far we have the following in place:

  • An ORCID can be entered in the Agresso Business World HR system (which you can find listed under “Home“).The screenshot below shows where to enter it – first go to “My Personnel information”, then select tab “Research Career Details”. It will then feed through to RIS – this is not an instant update so check back the next day.

Screenshot showing where to enter your ORCID on ABW

  • Once an ORCID is linked to RIS, we have a beta version of an import from ORCID to RIS. For those who find the one-by-one manual or DOI entry into RIS too laborious, the option of building your publications list in ORCID and then moving it across should be welcome. Let us know how this goes if you try it (iss-research@swansea.ac.uk) and we can feedback to the developer any problems encountered .
  • We have joined the ORCID national consortium agreement organized by JISC so will be looking to develop further the use of ORCID at Swansea Uni. For example, an ORCID is not yet displayed on staff web pages (or in Cronfa) but we are looking at ways to make this happen.

New ORCID Automatic Update

ORCID itself is going from strength to strength. As well as the increasing adoption by significant partners, they have also announced an automatic update option with CrossRef and DataCite:

“Upon receipt of data from a publisher or data center with a valid identifier, Crossref or DataCite can automatically push that information to the researcher’s ORCID record”

When CrossRef or Datacite have an update linked to your ORCID they will ask for your permission to update your ORCID with that work – unless you revoke the permission, they will then update future additions automatically. This relies on your ORCID being associated with your published works.

Get an ORCID now!

To get an ORCID, head over to orcid.org and sign up. We have a guidance sheet if you need help. Or find out more: contact us at iss-research@swansea.ac.uk

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