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The author address in Scopus

Scopus decides which institution you belong to by looking at the address you give in your most recent paper. Once this has been published it is hard to change it so it is important that you give Swansea University as your institution in any paper you write.

Why is my address important?

If your paper does not appear as Swansea University it will not count towards any analysis done on the university such as the one for the Times World rankings. Other universities will have this issue so Scopus claim that overall it shouldn’t affect the university score but we think it would be best for the university to keep missed people to a minimum!

If you have more than one institution, for example, Singleton Hospital and Swansea University you can give both but Scopus will take your affiliation from the last one listed so it would be best to give Singleton Hospital , Swansea University.

How can I check my profile in Scopus?

Simply go to , click on author search and enter your details.

Scopus give links to request corrections if you feel your papers have been attributed to someone else or need other corrections but they don’t give an option to change affiliation. This makes it important to think about what you give as your address when submitting articles.

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