iFind for research, not iFindResearch

After the successful introduction of Swansea University’s new iFind library system in the summer of 2015, our old iFindResearch system is being gradually retired. As of December 11th, the search functionality has been removed but the search directories for subject areas is still there on the left-hand side of the old site.  These too will be migrated to a new system at the end of this academic year (Summer 2016).

If you used to use iFindResearch for cross-searching for journal articles, a better service is provided by the “Articles & More” tab of the new iFind system:


This search option links up with our journal subscriptions to give a more accurate result for full text availability. You can even filter results by “Full Text Online” using the “Show Only” facet on the left of the results page:


If you wish to restrict your search to a set of databases, then the “Collection” facet further down that page allows you to select one or more.

Contact your subject team at the library if you’d like more information on using the new iFind system or help with literature searching!

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