A few of your open access questions


Do I need to make my book chapter open access?

Only journal articles and conference papers with an ISSN have to be made open access for the next REF. If you want to make your book chapter open access and your publisher agrees that’s great but if they don’t agree you won’t be disqualified from REF.

I can’t find my author accepted manuscript. Does it matter?

From 1st April it will matter. Unless you have funds to pay an article processing charge you will need your accepted manuscript to be able to comply with the REF policy. Most publishers do not allow you to put their final version in a repository. The best advice would be to put your accepted manuscript (post peer review version) in RIS as soon as it is accepted when you have it to hand.

Anything before 1st April isn’t essential so there’s no need to worry if you don’t have files for your back catalogue of publications.

If I am working out an embargo period which date do I use as the start date?

Use the date that your article was published online. This will be the first date that it was publicly available in its final form. Do ask us for help if you are confused about how long you need to embargo your article for. Sherpa Romeo is helpful but not clear in every case. This brief guide to adding a manuscript to RIS explains where to set an embargo in the system.



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