Are you missing out on research promotion? Cronfa reaches further than you might think.

Some of you might have wondered if there is any point in putting your work in the university repository, other than the REF requirement. I have been taking a look at usage statistics and have definitely found an upwards trend . We have had an increase in over a thousand users since December so the site is getting attention – why not take advantage of that to showcase your work?

Where are the users from?

Since 1st December, although a large percentage of visitors came from the UK, there was use from 122 countries in total. This shows the top ten.


How do they find Cronfa?


The bulk of our users find us by keyword search (organic). A large number are also from links on other sites (a lot of them Swansea ones but some elsewhere). Direct users type in the url of the site so will be very familiar with it and a growing number come via social media with Twitter being the clear favourite.


Help to make Cronfa grow by adding your work and spreading the word.

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