Filenames in the Research Information System

Whats in a name

A few tips on naming your files for the Research Information System:

  • You may have noticed that RIS does not accept filenames with a space or special character such as such as: ! # $ % & ‘ @ ^ ` ~ + , . ; =  so you may need to rename your file before adding it.
  • If you are using more than one word you can separate them with an underscore or perhaps capitalise each word as in ThisIsMyArticle.
  • When you are naming your file consider the end user who will download it – it will be more useful to them if the name gives some indication of what the document is and perhaps who it is by than if it is named something like  article.pdf. You want your reader to be able to recognise and cite your article!
  • Although you want your filename to be descriptive it is best not to make it too long as that can be problematic in some computer systems. 255 characters is the limit for windows systems.
  • We would also advise you to convert your author manuscript to PDF (on many PCs this can be done in Word using File – Save as). This means that your user does not have to have your version of Word and allows your work to be accessed by anyone anywhere, the aim of open access.

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