Online Twitter course for researchers

Swansea University Researchers! Join us for “7 Days of Twitter”, 24 June – 4 July 2016


Learn the basics of Twitter by completing 1 short online activity per day, for 7 days and join the global network of researchers who already use it for information, collaboration and impact!

“7 Days of Twitter” is an open online course for staff and research students at Swansea University. It will explore Twitter and its potential use to support and promote research in small, bitesize chunks.

The best way to understand Twitter is to try it out – join us if you’ve ever wondered how Twitter works and how it might be relevant and useful in a research context. Experienced tweeters are also welcome to help us explore how Twitter can be used professionally.

We have already run similar online courses but this time there is a focus on using Twitter for research impact. It’s still primarily about learning the basics of Twitter, but with extra research-related discussion too!

How it works

During each of the 7 days, a daily post will guide you through an aspect of Twitter and offer suggestions how each feature can be helpful to a researcher, allowing you to learn all about Twitter from the comfort of your own home or office. During the course participants are encouraged to interact using Twitter with the team and each other, building their professional network as they learn to use the platform.

How to join in

All you need to do to take part is sign up to the blog and we will email you instructions on each of the 7 days:

Or come and meet us on Day 1: we will be in ILS Cafe Glas 11-12.30pm on Friday 24th June happy to chat about Twitter and get you signed up!

Our Twitter hashtag (we cover these in the course!) is #su7dot

Contact email:

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