Journal Citation Reports



The latest edition of Journal Citation Reports has just been released. JCR ranks journals by the number of citations likely to be received by an article and is often used to help decide which journals to publish in, particularly for STEM subjects.

Journal Citation Reports has been around for 42 years but has recently changed ownership to Clarivate Analytics who have also taken over Web of Science from Thomson Reuters.

You can find JCR by logging in to with your Swansea username and password then clicking Journal Citation Reports in the black bar at the very top of the screen.  The first time you use JCR you will need to register on a campus PC – click register from the Sign in link. The Select categories option will allow you to look at the top journals in your own subject area.

Our brief guide to Journal Citation Reports

Remember that metrics should be used with caution as there are many reasons why journals do not get a high score. Articles on the subject include Why the impact factor of journals should not be used for evaluating research by Per O Seglen in BMJ and The impact factor: a useful indicator of journal quality or fatally flawed? by David B. Elliott in Opthalmic and Physiological Optics.

You can find more information on metrics on our web page. If you would like help please contact

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