PlumX Metrics in Scopus

Scopus has introduced PlumX metrics into Scopus, following their recent takeover of the company. These come in 5 categories:

PlumX Metrics green Usage – e.g. clicks, downloads, views, library holdings

PlumX Metrics purpleCaptures – indicating that someone wants to come back to the work – bookmarks, favourites, readers, watchers

PlumX Metrics yellow  Mentions – news articles or blog posts about research. Includes comments, reviews, blog posts, wikipedia links, news media.

PlumX Metrics blue.pngSocial media – tweets, likes, shares

PlumX Metrics orangeCitations

When you are searching in Scopus look out for the image below as this information is now available as part of our subscription. Click on it to see the full detail available. Not every article will attract this kind of attention so you won’t see the image every time.

Scopus PlumX

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