Research Information System Enhancement (RISE) Development Update #3

Where are we now?

User testing has been a key focus over the past weeks with users from across all Colleges and Schools being invited to test the system. This includes members of the REF Team, REF Officers and academics. We have held sessions in ISS and also run sessions remotely to allow colleagues to test the system from the comfort of their own offices and at a time convenient to them.

A number of common concerns have been raised through the testing including:

· The need for the system to give a visual sign when pages are loading

· Additional save buttons to prevent the user from scrolling needlessly

· A welcome message using the users preferred name e.g. welcome John, rather welcome

We would welcome any further feedback on the system and if you would like to be involved in testing please contact the team on the details provided below.

What next?

Over the coming weeks we will be working to ensure that the feedback from user testing is used to inform future development work and to fix common problems. We will also be looking ahead to the rollout of the system in September, with our attention turning to developing training sessions and updating user guides.

Please note, the Outputs Mini-REF for 2019 will be run from the current RIS following the Publications Mini-REF Assessment Process 2019.

Feedback and get involved

Colleagues are welcome to come and view the current stages of development in Faraday, Singleton or to attend bi-weekly showcase meetings where the development team demo the new system, to provide an opportunity for colleagues and inform future developments.

We will be continuing to test the system with users over the coming weeks. If you are interested in taking part please contact Laura Bailey ( and/or Andrew Burrows ( We will of course keep you up-to-date on progress and training will be provided should the changes to the system necessitate this

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