Research Information System Enhancement (RISE) Development Update #4

Image by cuilei2016 from Pixabay

Where are we now?

The team continue to work through the user feedback to make changes to the system in terms of functionality and style. This includes updates to allow users to be able to add additional authors to items and to signal mandatory fields before saving.

In addition to development work, we are liaising with colleagues on REF submission optimisation tools and notifications to assist users in analysis and improve workflows.

What next?

The migration process is now complete and all outputs should now be showing in the new RIS. Testing is underway with the team to ensure this is the case. Over the coming weeks we hope to be able to release the system for further testing and feedback.

Liaising with colleagues on the migration of Impact and Environment documents, we plan to use the latest items submitted as part of the State of Play update in September to the system. Authors will then be able to add further items such as evidence.

Feedback and get involved

Colleagues are welcome to come and view the current stages of development in Faraday, Singleton or to attend bi-weekly showcase meetings where the development team demo the new system, to provide an opportunity for colleagues and inform future developments.

We will be continuing to test the system with users over the coming weeks. If you are interested in taking part please contact Laura Bailey ( and/or Andrew Burrows ( We will of course keep you up-to-date on progress and training will be provided should the changes to the system necessitate this

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