RISE Project Update #7

Research Information System (RIS)

Image: Listening by Pixabay

Firstly we would like to thank you for your patience during the last couple of weeks as we work through some of the bugs within the new Research Information System (RIS). Despite much planning, user testing and two pilots of the system, some issues have been found and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. We are working through these as soon as we can and further updates on some common issues can be found below.

Please continue to use the feedback tab on the right of any page within RIS to provide feedback or raise queries with the team. We are responding to all queries to acknowledge receipt and to confirm once issues have been resolved.

The development team have been working hard to resolve as many queries as quickly as possible.

To date, the following issues have been resolved:

Issue Resolution Date fixed
Internet explorer not showing outputs Development work undertaken to address this issue 25th October 2019
Dates appearing incorrectly A new date format has been used and dates now appear as 14 Sept 2019 or 22 Dec 2019 24th October 2019
Issues with information pulling to Cronfa and items missing This was due to a firewall issue, which has now been updated 1st November 2019
UoA Lead admin access not available A fix for this has been identified and implemented 7th November 2019

If you have any further problems regarding the above issues, please do contact us through the feedback tab.


Author ordering and citations. Work is ongoing to add information on co-authors from old RIS to ensure full citation information is available. Once this development work is complete, this will then feed the information on Cronfa and staff profiles to ensure all information is correct.

REF Officer cannot view exceptions. Work is ongoing to ensure that REF Officers have access to Open Access exceptions.

GPA calculator for admins. Work is underway to ensure the calculations in the GPA calculator are correct.

We will also be undertaking work to:

  • Improve the navigation around RIS, e.g. if you undertake a search your results will be held whilst you click in and out of outputs
  • Provide additional information within downable reports
  • Ensure ORCiD details are pulling into the system correctly.

Please accept our apologies again for the inconvenience caused by the bugs in the new system. We are working through these as quickly as possible. As mentioned above, please continue to feedback or raise any queries through the feedback tab and a member of the team will be in touch.

Enhanced RIS – One week in from changeover…

RIS Home
Feedback button icon

Many thanks for your feedback and ideas for the new RIS system. We are currently working through these requests, and fixing bugs that have been identified post-launch.

Please provide any further feedback, comments and observations via the Feedback button which you will see on the right hand side of the RIS Home screen.

We will provide additional drop-in training sessions over the next few weeks (details tbc).

If you have any queries please contact Laura Bailey (laura.bailey@swansea.ac.uk) and/or Andrew Burrows (a.j.burrows@swansea.ac.uk).

Research Information System Enhancement (RISE) Development Update #5

Where are we now?

We are now just weeks away from launching the new Research Information System (RIS). Over the next week or so we will be releasing the test system for use with some departments in order to gather further user feedback and to begin introducing the system.

RIS Home

The development team are currently finalising functionality that will enable admin users to model various scenarios and calculate a GPA for the UoA within seconds. This will be particularly helpful for colleagues as we move towards a continuous assessment approach ahead of submission in November 2020.

In addition to development work, we are liaising with stakeholders around the use of notifications (in RIS and via email) in order increase visibility in areas such as open access compliance.

What next?

Development work will be completed to implement notifications and we will also be testing the new GPA calculator functionality. The team will also be ensuring alignment between the new RIS and the PDR system.

Liaising with colleagues on the migration of Impact and Environment documents, we plan to use the latest items submitted as part of the State of Play update in September to the system. Authors will then be able to add further items such as evidence once the system is live.

RIS Infographic

Feedback and get involved

Colleagues are welcome to come and view the current stages of development in Faraday, Singleton or to attend bi-weekly showcase meetings where the development team demo the new system, to provide an opportunity for colleagues and inform future developments.

We will be continuing to test the system with users over the coming weeks. If you are interested in taking part please contact Laura Bailey (laura.bailey@swansea.ac.uk) and/or Andrew Burrows (a.j.burrows@swansea.ac.uk).

We will of course keep you up-to-date on progress and training will be provided should the changes to the system necessitate this.